Bittersweet Moments

Bittersweet moments Sweet moaning Feelings growing Never playing games, never cheat The way you treat me, it’s so sweet The proof is very concrete Bitter sweet moments The moment is flowing We’ve spoken, we’re zoning Smoking, focused Was tired of feeling broken, stolen Hoping, your sweet moments never go unnoticed Bittersweet moments A poet, outspoken... Continue Reading →

Time to Cross the Bridge

We've reached a place I wish we hadn't come to.I just want to turn back.I didn't want to go.Unfortunately you got here before me.I was just trying to ignore it.And I was too naive.I don't want to be here.We used to be unbreakable but now it's time to cross.We're at the inevitable bridge I fear.Our... Continue Reading →

Subliminal Messages

You’re no longer putting in the effort It’s not the same anymore, it was better You say you still love me but show up with all your subliminal messages You say we’re connecting spiritually and mentally, we both know this is only physical You look at me and smile but the vibes you’re sending out... Continue Reading →

Subliminal Signs

Your attitude is on high lately.You keep flipping the script and acting real sketchy.Lately your communication skill is so minimal.And everything you say is subliminal.I'm debating if this is the place for me anymore.I've been aching from my exterior to my core.Our souls don't linger on the bed sheets like they used to.We're detached because... Continue Reading →

Authentic Epidemic

Pathogenic vibe, you’re like a disease So much pain you carved in my heart I patched it up, but I sometimes feel the pain You tried to eat me internal, hurt me and tell me it was all in my head I knew the problem wasn’t me, it was energetic I was always skeptic of... Continue Reading →

Can you be Authentic?

Was it silly to believe you?Crazy to think I could walk on the moon without a spacesuit? I might be drowning in denial.I might be senile-Aged and losing focus.I can't seem to draw the string.Can't seem to end it.You are so far from authentic.A wolf in sheep's clothing.Never truthfully told me how you feel.What is... Continue Reading →

Reflection before Infection (Depression)

My mind is brightened And then it gets darkened by an invasion All these random thoughts came without an invitation, they called themselves depression They begin to move my energy in a different direction Completely ignoring my suggestions Then it begins to enjoy the rejections, all the aggression I start obsessing on my imperfections Completely... Continue Reading →

How Depression Feels

Try riding on blessings that don't belong to you.Sometimes this is what depression feels like.Like the peak of happiness is always temporary.Maybe even a facade.Contemplating crying now or leaving tears for the downfall.The climax is just as nerve racking.Feeling like, maybe sadness is the calling.Tread lightly around me.I dampen the air.Drain everyone's energy within a... Continue Reading →

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