You’re already in costume (HALLOWEEN special)

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to show your true colors You’re costume is the same all year long You’re super mean & never keep your lies clean   You don’t have to wait for Halloween to treat me a certain way You make me scream on a regular day Your soul itching to... Continue Reading →

All Year

Mobs with torches,Headless hourses.I see them all year round, not just on Halloween.Open your eyes and they'll be seen.People attacking for a cause,People blindly searching for what's lost.Red Riding hood with a bow,Unicorn with a tail made of the rainbow.I see them all year round, not just on Halloween night.I wish I could tell you... Continue Reading →

Fright Night

Fright nightBlinded sightMy body is ready to elevate and take a flightI see a white lightIt’s blinding me because it’s so brightTonight can be such a delight but it just doesn’t feel rightThis story I can still overwriteIf the fear doesn’t consume meIf my actions don’t confuse meIt’s a scary night and the intentions aren’t... Continue Reading →

Disguise Parties

Hosting parties for disguise.It's funny that you thought you were winning.You thought you could hide.Always grinning.You're too obsessed with becoming the joker.You enjoy playing tricks.Your ego is the extreme provoker.Seeking entrance to the treat between my hips.Stop tugging on my ropes.Manipulation between the heart and the brain.I clearly had high hopes.On the verge of going... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice Serve me a drink, I’m already feeling nice Whiskey and ice There is one of you, but I see you twice Friendly advice I’m paying the price, all night long you’ve been on your device Overnice spice You’re playing games, your foolishness is precise

The Peace I Crave

I crave peace as much as I crave breathing. The pain I hold is too excruciating.I want to absorb all the energy from love. Fly with the birds until I reach the heavens above. My heart has been mimicking the shadows. It's too dark- so full of sorrows. Bring peace into the abyss. Help me... Continue Reading →

Stay in your lane

What’s the issue? You’re worried about me and I don’t even remember your name It’s kind of lame You think our mentality is the same I stay in my lane, that’s the difference You’re trying to pass me but your lane is unattended, when people try to steal it, you get offended I’m not sure... Continue Reading →


I choose to love you for eternity.You always give me a vibe internally and I love it.I can't believe the way you made me feel way before we'd done it.This is easy.You know exactly how to please me.Introducing sensations that I never thought I could feel.That's how I know it's real.I love waking up beside... Continue Reading →

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