Away from you

Suspended the thoughts of being dependent on you You’re reaching, my nerves you’ve extended Long time ago this love ended because you always had evil vibes to attend to Let’s not pretend the vibe is still alive, my heart you’ve offended This was never intended by me; you had all the fault in this I... Continue Reading →

Dressing Pain

I keep dressing my wounds so they won't hurt.I must be doing them wrong because they still burn.There's something that I must be missing.Maybe I need soft, warm hands for the job.An angel disguised as a healer.Maybe I need her, not even a doctor.Why do I still hurt from a scar that's covered?Maybe that's the... Continue Reading →

Conscious or not

Living doll, electrical darkness She doesn’t know what’s real, she is not sure if she’s dreaming Everyone around her seems so insensitive, she thinks she has entered into a nightmare Visiting this place was a mistake This is not how she envisioned her story Supreme light, kind soul Alive, or asleep She will not change... Continue Reading →

At the Cliff

Dangling at the edge of a cliff and I'm hanging on.Trying to hang on to my last breath.After this there's no reset.But that would be my mistake.I believe intake on cloud nine is closed.It closed the moment I started heading towards the cliff.Am I a soul worth saving?Am I as significant as I was told?No... Continue Reading →


Chilling, on Thanksgiving Day Missing out on all the negative vibes Wishing to be grateful for all that I have Receiving apologies, all is forgiven Willing to put up a fight for the positive vibes Grateful for all my winnings Dismissing all the bad thoughts Transmitting all my good energy as I rise Relieving all... Continue Reading →

Almost December

It's almost December.We already have some lights in November.Coming together with family.Let's try to stay grateful entirely.So many things we never knew we were thankful for.Including the sun, the moon and the earth.Everyone is ready for dinner.Nervous for full winter.I always eat the stuffing, not a fan of the Turkey.But I'll still have a bite... Continue Reading →

Peacefully Coping

Hesitation crawling inIt’s time for a reflectionIf I won’t stop suffering, I’ll at least learn how to cope through itIt’s a wildlife in my mindPressed, hoping to get into paradisePatience is the key, to unlock it, is my pleasurePrisoner to my thoughtsMust find the remedyNot acting on impulsesMagnetic waves, silent mind, my qi flows peacefully


I can't wait to take flights with you.Meet at the place where they say hello in different languages.Try a new meal or two.Maybe hear about different fetishes.Let's take a tour.A visit to Dubai, Italy or Spain.Wake up to, "Goodmorning, me amor".With eachother we have so much to gain.These flights keep us elevated.Knew it was a... Continue Reading →

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