Sleepless nights

Sleepless nights Sleepless nights thinking of you Wishing right now I could be with you ... Sleepless nights Sleepless nights putting up mental fights I don’t know what to do, so I just write ... Sleepless nights When I write my thoughts, I notice my weak spots A glass of wine, then henny then rum... Continue Reading →

Light in the Dark

You tend to cast a dark shadow over me.No matter how much light I add to my life, you won't let me see.Forcefully butchering any potential for elevation.Cynical without explanation.Your desperation for your own illumination is so loud, it's deafening.I can hear every bit of your self loathing.I'm going to continue onward.Push to succeed and... Continue Reading →

Dying butterflies

Sound of silence when you’re around I have your company and still feel alone My mind you used to blow, now you don’t even make me moan ... I barely remember the butterfly feeling Went from that to mistreatment Now I find myself constantly healing ... I was focused on how you were treating me... Continue Reading →

Quote Me

Quote me, as these words escape my lips.Steal them if you can.I just need to know what breathing feels like when I hear, "I love you".This time I'll know it's meant to travel all the way to my heart-Only mine.Watch my lips run wild, then capture them with a kiss.I've been longing to grasp your... Continue Reading →


Most times I’m calm, but at times I go into numbness Go into roughness, but I always fight to stay humble I crumble, I tumble, but I never stay under the tunnel ... I’m fighting with all my will power, I’m unleashing all the toughness I’m still living even during dull moments I’m still balancing... Continue Reading →

Every Piece of Me

I never obtain enough time to heal.I've been broken so many times, I'm missing so many parts of me.It might be too late.Maybe I can salvage every part that's needed to create a new kind of good.Every piece that I was forced to relinquish must find new meaning.Scattered freckles of my make up are far... Continue Reading →

Socially awkward

Socially awkward, when I’m surrounded, I’m such a misfit They look so comfortable, I feel like I don’t fit I’m not used to crowds, I’ll admit My lonely thoughts I need to dismiss Not everyone is bad, but that’s what I always predict Socially awkward, even when I resist Socially awkward, no matter how much... Continue Reading →

Your Obsession

Completely sucked me in on the first attempt to reach me.Like quicksand, I didn't have much time to escape.There's no way I could have elevated.Tears flood my face instantly.It was such a natural disaster, and entirely man made.This was a trap from the beginning.You enchanted rivers that flow smoothly to carry me.They took the challenge,... Continue Reading →

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